Why VaultSpeed?
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Why VaultSpeed?

Engineered to help data teams of every size succeed.

One single platform that covers data integration,
transformation and modeling, for faster decision making.

Make smarter decisions

Some tools automate the integration and transformation of data into one central repository. Others cover the modeling part, organizing these same source data to make sense out of them.

VaultSpeed is the only solution that does both, allowing you to get all the facts and the bigger picture immediately.

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Fundamentally change what your data teams can accomplish

We don't merely offer automation. We ensure that automation works for your specific data and technology stack. This saves your team months of headaches, stress and rework.

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Automate more

All data are unique, but automation requires repeatability. VaultSpeed strictly follows the Data Vault modeling standards that provide the level of abstraction needed to establish general entities, their attributes and relationships, and to turn everything into a repeatable pattern.

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Apply the same business logic everywhere

Make sure you are talking about the same thing companywide. We let you build template codes to always apply the same business logic; for example, think of how you calculate business productivity or customer lifetime value across all data presentations in the information layer.

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Put business in the driver's seat

VaultSpeed doesn't require business stakeholders to examine tables; instead, it offers a user-friendly GUI that clearly presents the data model, logic and dependencies, for easy sharing and discussion.

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Improving productivity and agility

With VaultSpeed

Without VaultSpeed

Built-in integration templates

Template coding

Data model delivered

Crafting a data model

Business logic automation

Manual handling of business logic

Fits into your IT landscape

Costly migrations & proprietary components

Edge cases covered

Hidden development

No runtime costs

Runtime costs

Resilient to changes in sources, tech, staff

Rework, start overs, inconsistencies & stress

On time, on budget, better

Costly delays and technical debt

Starting with the most critical operational decisions

No runtime costs

VaultSpeed is not a runtime application. You only pay for jobs related to Data Vault modeling and the generation of ETL and DDL code, not for loading the actual data.

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Secure by design

Your data is 100% safe. We provide a secure connection to your sources and will only extract metadata, never actual data.

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Data governance best practices

Our metadata repository is designed for easy integration with best-of-breed data governance solutions such as Collibra or Alation.

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The instruction code is always provided in all transparency, free to use. Our cloud-based setup makes it simple to disconnect our platform from your technology stack.

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Automation to the fullest


The average degree of automation


Minimal acceleration of data warehouse delivery

300 days

Time saved on manual upfront work

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