Why VaultSpeed?

Reimagine data warehouse automation

VaultSpeed combines the best automation, Data Vault modeling and cloud native performance. Everything to make data warehouse projects less error-prone and time-consuming.

No need to write code

We don't ask our customers to write code to make automation work for their specific data and technology stack. VaultSpeed is the only tool that provides a no-code approach to integrate and model different data from a multitude of sources and technologies, covering 2220 combinations.

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Load data efficiently, manage history and handle change

The Data Vault modeling and architecture methodology is becoming the de facto standard worldwide: it facilitates data warehouse automation, with its unique capability to load data efficiently, manage history and handle change. Moreover, it supports the upcoming modern data architectures, such as data hub and data mesh.

VaultSpeed is the first and only automation tool that has received official Data Vault 2.0 certification.

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Build and scale quickly

VaultSpeed is cloud native, enabling our customers to build and scale more quickly and efficiently. It’s the default choice for companies moving their analytics infrastructure to the cloud.

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Faster, better data warehouse delivery

With VaultSpeed

Without VaultSpeed

Built-in integration templates

Template coding

State of the art and scalable

Limited potential

Fits into your existing IT landscape

Costly migrations & proprietary components

No runtime costs

Runtime costs

Resilient to changes in sources, tech, staff

Rework, startovers, inconsistencies & stress

On time, on budget, better

Costly delays and technical debt

#1 tool for Data Vault automation

Why enterprises like HDI, Eurocontrol, Olympus, or Randstad 
choose VaultSpeed.

Easy to use

Our intuitive graphical interface and step-by-step setup simplify and accelerate data warehouse design and implementation.

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No runtime costs

VaultSpeed is not a runtime application. You only pay for jobs related to Data Vault modeling and the generation of ETL and DDL code, not for loading the actual data.

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Secure by design

Your data is 100% safe. We provide a secure connection to your sources and will only extract metadata, never actual data.

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Best-of-breed technology support

VaultSpeed connects with the best CDC, ETL, governance, source and target technologies available today.

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Automation to the fullest


The average degree of automation


Minimal acceleration of data warehouse delivery

300 days

Time saved on manual upfront work

What our customers say

Discover how to deploy your data warehouse faster, without the stress

Faster, better
data warehouse automation

On time, on budget

Data warehouse projects are known to be challenging to complete. As the business evolves, its requirements and environment keep changing. Cost and schedule overruns are commonplace.

VaultSpeed automation improves project performance. Our built-in integration templates, dual automation method, guided setup and error handling contribute to delivering analysis-ready data on time and on budget.

Technical debt eliminated

Taking shortcuts or skipping basic upfront data warehouse design and development steps results in technical debt, increased complexity, lack of documentation, less traceability and less productivity.

VaultSpeed automation software is designed to minimize the manual work that incurs technical debt by imposing a streamlined process.

Data integrity guaranteed

VaultSpeed follows Data Vault standards and guarantees to deliver an accurate and complete data model that reflects your business, addresses your needs and keeps track of data over time.

Discover how to deploy
your data warehouse faster.

Without the risk. Without the stress.