As a valued VaultSpeed Registered partner, we are giving you the opportunity to join the VaultSpeed Co-Sell Ready Partner Program (CSRP). When your workforce concludes this program, the partner gets the Sapphire certification.

As a valued VaultSpeed Registered partner, you have already concluded 2 of the steps of this journey. You signed the necessary documents and were activated.


During the journey to Sapphire status, your workforce will get the necessary training and information to become multi-disciplinary VaultSpeed specialists:

  • Product: The partner must ensure that his workforce, using VaultSpeed at customers, knows the VaultSpeed offering. Sales by following a hands-on session and technical profiles by getting the VaultSpeed product training.
  • Sales Enablement: VaultSpeed will regularly organize Partner Sales enablement sessions which will include partner sales teams to listen and learn about go-to-market aspects of co-selling the VaultSpeed solution.
  • Project Readiness: In parallel is the Project Readiness component, ensuring VaultSpeed partners’ technical team has the knowledge, background information, and material to execute VaultSpeed projects. The Project-ready training consists of three classroom sessions, each lasting 2 to 3 hours. Each session is followed by a bit of homework for the partner. VaultSpeed will validate the partner’s activities concerning that module, upon validation the partner gets the approval of that step in our journey.


The highest certification for VaultSpeed partner expertise and that which offers the most partner benefits, including

  • Increased Referral fees: Partners who obtain CSRP status will be eligible for an extension in time of the awarded referral compensation. The 10% cash for the customer's subscription will be for the customer's lifetime.
  • Additional PSA Support: Partners will also have the opportunity for two additional hours per month of “expert-on-call” advice from their designated Partner Solution Architect (PSA), at no charge.
  • Pro Serv Referrals: Most importantly, when VaultSpeed has direct customers needing Pro Serv packages such as Onboarding Packages and PoCs, certified Sapphire partners will be the only partners eligible to receive those referrals.
    Additional Route-To-Market flexibility. Sapphire partners are available to resell the VaultSpeed solution (starting with the MM Kickstart)


At the end of the CSRP track, partners will have the knowledge on how to present, demo, and sell to their customers. They will also have a working setup of their VaultSpeed partner account based on a self-chosen data model.

In case of any questions, please contact