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SingleStoreDB support (Release 5.2.1)

November 2nd, 2022

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Jonas De Keuster
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New target DB: SingleStore

As of today, VaultSpeed supports a new target database technology. SingleStore offers a fast, distributed, cloud SQL database designed to power modern data-intensive applications. It is designed to deliver maximum performance for both transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) workloads in a single unified engine to drive maximum performance for your applications.

SingleStore can be deployed in minutes on any of the leading public clouds of your choice including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Customers can also deploy SingleStore on-premises in single and multi-node clusters.

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The integration

VaultSpeed picks up metadata from any source and builds the integrated data model your business users need to create value from data. It seamlessly connects with SingleStore, and sends instructions to build the ETL workloads and create a Data Vault model that suits your needs.

The Data Vault model is delivered to SingleStore in the form of DDL statements, automatically deployed into your SingleStore cluster. SingleStore can store data in either row stores or column stores. The format used is determined by the user when creating the table. You could alter the setup with VaultSpeed using our DDL options.

The runtime is delivered in the form of SingleStore procedures. All of these can be run through Apache Airflow. Our FMC will generate the workflows just like it does for the many other technologies we support.

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Data Vault structures deployed in SingleStore