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New year 2024 update

January 5th, 2024

Piet De Windt
Piet De Windt CEO
Snowflake booth

2023 has been quite a year for VaultSpeed.

We’ve managed to secure an impressive $15.9 million in a Series A funding round and achieved the highest new business growth in Q3 2023 in a market that remained under considerable stress, impacting IT investments.


The trust received from investors and leading enterprise companies endorses the strategic path we've chosen since the launch of our company: assisting data teams of any size to fundamentally deliver more through automation.

While there's a global consensus on centralizing data in the cloud, the noise around automation persists. Automation is often sold as a concept rather than a practical tool to make multi-source data integration and transformation simpler, faster, and better.

For us, adoption is as crucial as technology. We don’t just deliver automation. We ensure that our automation works seamlessly for any company-specific data and technology stack and adapts to changes in sources, technologies, and opinions.

We take pride in having helped some of our customers automate the integration of over 160 sources and deploy more than 1700 migration scripts.

Setting the bar

We set the bar high, which is not always easy, striving to distinguish ourselves from the automation toolbox alternatives that leave companies burdened with manual migrations and intricate setups and the necessity to develop, test, and maintain automation code themselves.

The funding we've received will catapult hassle-free adoption even further, as we invest in AI to optimize data engineer actions based on usage data. These applications and insights will be shared with our partners and customers, empowering them to increase the return of cloud data platform investment and modern data infrastructure.

Our goal is not only to be a next-generation automated data transformation vendor but also a true partner to our customers and partners, offering guidance and delivering proactive and efficient support to ensure project delivery success.

We are pleased to announce more partnerships with tier-one service and solution providers, including open-source analytical engineering tools, resulting in overall growth within our customer portfolio.

Operational excellence

To handle this growth, we plan to expand our organizational capabilities for operational excellence. This commitment is highlighted by the recent appointment of our new Chairman, Bob Potter, who brings extensive experience in the data market and leadership.

Our ambition, shared by existing shareholders and the new shareholder Octopus Ventures, as well as our dedicated staff, remains steadfast: to double our business by the end of 2024 while ensuring the success and satisfaction of our customers.

We at VaultSpeed express gratitude to our customers for their business and trust, to each other for our hard work, and to our shareholders for their ongoing support and encouragement.