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VaultSpeed leading the way in automation for Microsoft Fabric!

VaultSpeed stands out as the pioneering data warehouse automation tool supporting Microsoft Fabric.

Fast Lane for Fabric 2

Fabric, Microsoft’s latest data platform offering, fosters collaboration among data engineers, data scientists, and business analysts on a unified cloud data platform, covering tasks from setting up data warehouses or lakehouses to executing Power BI.

Launched at Microsoft Build 10 months ago, Microsoft Fabric represents a transformative leap in analytics, providing a singular, SaaS platform capable of handling every facet of the analytics process, all while built on a multi-cloud data lake foundation.

VaultSpeed's automation platform sets a high benchmark for multi-source data integration automation, offering a fast lane for Fabric. By streamlining data transformation, businesses can ensure the accuracy, consistency, and accessibility of their data, leading to better decision-making.

VaultSpeed also suggests a comprehensive data model right from the start based on harvested metadata from various sources, which data teams can easily adapt to their specific business requirements.

VaultSpeed recently showcased at the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference in Vegas how our data automation solution ensures organized data accessible in time for advanced analytics and AI initiatives. The reception was overwhelmingly positive.

Microsoft Fabric is committed to empowering every business user, and VaultSpeed contributes to this mission by minimizing wait times and connecting the dots.

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