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We are at Data+AI Summit 2024

June 10th - 13th, 2024


San Francisco

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Join VaultSpeed at the highly anticipated Data + AI Summit 2024 by Databricks and unlock the potential of automated data transformation to accelerate reliable data input for advanced analytics and AI.

VaultSpeed provides a fast lane to your data lakehouse, employing cutting-edge automation for multi-source data integration.

Our technology, validated by Databricks, begins with generating a comprehensive company-wide data model based on metadata extracted from all your sources. It then seamlessly integrates and transforms the source data to populate that relational model, resulting in a 4x reduction in data lakehouse delivery times.

DBRX, the open, general-purpose LLM created by Databricks, delivers superior results when trained on the reliable data input that VaultSpeed provides. Gone are the days when an astounding 80% of a data scientist’s workload was dedicated to data preparation, leading to inefficiencies and the temptation to take shortcuts.

Visit our booth 38 to see how VaultSpeed empowers leading enterprise companies to scale by reducing manual upfront work and rework. We'll showcase how we are engineered to generate organized, accurate, and complete data on time for all your strategic data and AI initiatives.

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